EP Render

EP Render is a pre-bonded (10% wet bond equivalent), polymer modified, cement based render which requires only the addition of clean water!

EP Render

EP Render is typically used as part of a REINFORCED, FLEXIBLE render system over RSA approved polystyrene substrates and AAC Hebel.

Suitable for application by hand or machine, EP Render’s DUAL BINDING SYSTEM is suitable for use over ALL substrates, when applied in accordance with the most recent RSA written information.

EP Render contains a unique powdered bonding agent (glue) to work with the binding power of cement and it is this dual binding system that ensures that every bag mixed and applied correctly is 100% GUARANTEED to have integrity!

The advantages of Ep Render’s dual bonding system include:

  • Speeds up and simplifies the on-site mixing process
  • Offers ‘sag resistant’ render for faster straightening via the use of darbies
  • Offers tear resistant screedability
  • Provides an extended ‘hang time’ for greater productivity and high early hardness
  • Increased adhesion to all suitable, properly prepared substrates
  • GUARANTEES the correct amount of bond every time
  • Provides excellent ‘come back’ qualities for easy floating and finishing
  • Offers the same quality, integrity and longevity whether applied by hand or machine

EP Render also contains well-graded sand for a more compacted render formulation which provides the following substrate focused features:

  • A less rigid formulation (slightly less cement) then conventional pre-bagged renders
  • Softer, less rigid bonding agents (glue)
  • Increased impact resistance and strength when compared with conventional pre-bagged render
  • Improved cohesion of render
  • Long term coating integrity

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