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About Poly-Tek Letterboxes

The Render Centre stock high quality, modern Poly-tek Letterboxes. They are manufactured using a high density lightweight core with a Hard Coat and sand textured finish. The application of this coating provides a superior strength along with stylish modern ‘rendered’ aesthetics. The letterbox includes a 50mm galvanised RHS steel post for ultimate footing strength and ease of installation.

All Poly-tek Letterboxes come standard with a Brushed Silver mail insert which accommodates A4 size envelopes lying flat (Australia Post Compliant). The mail insert is fully lockable (with 2 keys provided) ensuring the security of your mail. As the insert is supplied in a Brushed Silver finish you can paint over it to match your house facade colour or alternatively leave the modern look of the silver as a contrast against the Letterbox colour you choose.


How long does it take to order?
We generally keep in stock our most popular styles, Key Largo, Bahama & Jamaica. We do recommend that you allow 14 days for all letterboxes orders.

What is included with the letterbox?
Letterbox, 2 keys & 1 50mm galvanised RHS steel post(required for installation).
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Can I install it myself?
Yes you can. Our installation instructions are included with your letterbox and are available on our website.
We are here to help, any questions, tips or advice you require please give us a call!

I don’t want to install it, can someone do it for me?
Absolutely! We are more than happy to suggest someone to get the job done for you.

I like the colour of the coating, does it have to be painted?
For best results, The Render Centre highly recommends that your letterbox is painted with 2 coats of our ‘Rapid Shield Matt’ Paint. Alternatively, any left over exterior house paint you have can also be used.

What is it made of?
Our letterboxes are made of a high density lightweight polystyrene core with a Hard Coat and sand textured finish.

What sort of paint should I use?
The Render Centre recommend using RSA Rapid Shield Matt to coat your letterbox (available in store). Rapid Shield Matt is a high performance, 100% pure acrylic, exterior protective coating.

How do I attach house numbers onto the front?
Because there is no structure in the polystyrene core once the coating has been breached, this eliminates mechanical fixing. Clear silicone is the better option for gluing on the house numbers. Prior to installing the letterbox, rest the letterbox on its back so the numbers don’t slide out of position. Once marked where they will be positioned, small dobs on the rear (so it doesn’t come out the sides). If letterbox is already installed, support the numbers underneath so they don’t slide down while the silicone dries.