Why NRG Greenboard?

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NRG Greenboard™ is an insulative walling system suitable for external cladding of timber or steel framed buildings as well as solid concrete and masonry walls. The system provides a weather resistant, seam free rendered finish in a wide range of textures and colours. It also provides continuous thermal insulation over the entire wall. Developed in Germany in 1973, these systems have been extensively used throughout Western Europe and North America where strict environmental laws are in place governing the energy efficiency of both private and commercial buildings. The system is now well established in Australia ranging from dry arid areas, to tropical and alpine regions, whilst proving energy efficiency, cost effective and flexible construction alternative. The NRG Company is providing and increasing research and development of the system to improve the product.

InstallMore SpaceCost effectiveCut CarbonThermal RatingEnvironmentally FriendlyAcoustic Rating
  • 6-7 Working Days
  • Lock up claim quicker
  • Less time waiting for house to be finished (4 weeks)
  • Rental saving

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  • An extra 7‐8 m² of living area compared to Brick Veneer

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  • 30% cheaper than Rendered Brickwork
  • Cheaper footing costs due to reduction in weight
  • NRG Greenboard™ 1.2kg/ m²
  • Brickwork 90kg/ m²

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    Can cut Carbon Dioxide emissions by up to 50%

  • Running of air conditioner
  • Saving on electricity

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  • NRG Greenboard™ (75mm) 2.84R
  • Brickwork 1.28R

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  • NRG keeps a constant temperature
  • NRG waste is Recycled
  • For every kg of oil used in NRG Greenboard™ manufacturing, about 200kg will be saved in reduced
    heating demands

  • No need for insulation batts

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    No need for sound batts

  • Acoustic Rating Rw35

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