NRG Greenboard™ is an Insulated Wall Panel that combines exterior cladding with insulation so designers can achieve the 6 star energy ratings that have been introduced into the building code. NRG Greenboard insulated core of high quality expanded polystyrene, positions the NRG Greenboard cladding insulation options from .92 R to 3.96 R. Creating an exterior dual cladding system, as a thermal exterior building envelope.

NRG Greenboard Insulated wall panel is a lightweight, energy efficient product, and once coated, the system provides a weather resistant, seam free rendered finish.

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BAL 29

NRG Greenboard has passed extensive fire testing procedures (in accordance with AS1530.8.1-2007), by global testing company Exova Warringtonfire, that enables NRG Greenboard to comply in BAL29 areas (Bush Fire Attack Level). See BAL29 Specification Guide.


All insulation materials are rated for their performance in restricting heat transfer. This rating is expressed as an
R-value which is a measure of the material’s resistance to heat transfer (thermal resistance). The higher the R-value the greater insulating effect.

NRG Sound

NRG Building Systems has tested 60mm NRG Greenboard total wall system and the acoustic performance result is Rw35,Ctr-6. Please refer to NRG test results. The NRG Greenboard walling system can be further enhanced by using a “sound rated” insulation batt. Please refer to insulation manufacture’s specifications.

NRG Fire Retardent

NRG Greenboard contains a flame retardant additive and will not support fire, it has a spread of flame index of zero. If in a fire situation the toxic fumes are no greater than that of timber or other building materials.

NRG walls

The surface of the NRG Greenboard panel is Grooved both sides allowing the inside surface to breathe and channel any possible condensation away through the Grooves, downwards to the base of the wall. This is particularly important where “insulation” or “breather sarking” is used. The exterior surface groove creates maximum adhesion for the NRG Polymer modified render.

NRG Greenboard panel size is 2480 x 1200 allowing installers to cover the external walls quicker and easier. For the builder and their client, NRG Greenboard gets the project to lock up stage quicker allowing other trades to start and complete their tasks.

Installation guide

NRG Environmentally friendly 2

NRG Greenboard™ requires less energy to produce than other traditional building materials and contains no CFC’s or HCFC’s. NRG Greenboard™ does not contain ozone depleting substances and none are used in the manufacturing of this product. NRG Greenboard™ can be recycled or NRG recommends left over NRG Greenboard can be placed in the walls as extra insulation.

  • NRG Greenboard is comprised of 98% air and therefore only 2% polystyrene making it a highly efficient use of raw material.
  • NRG Greenboard remains inert, is non toxic, odour free and non-biodegradable.
  • No CFC’s or HCFC’s foam agents are used in its manufacture, so NRG Greenboard causes no damage to the ozone layer.
  • Effective installation of NRG Greenboard can cut carbon dioxide emissions by up to 50%.
  • The R-value of NRG Greenboard does not deteriorate during its life time; therefore the reduction in emissions lasts the full lifetime of the building.
  • The energy used to manufacture NRG Greenboard is recovered within six months by the energy saved in the building in which NRG Greenboard is installed.
  • Typically, for every kg of oil used in NRG Greenboard manufacturing, about 200kg will be saved in reduced heating demands.
  • All NRG Greenboard waste is recycled. Either through installation of off-cuts in the wall cavity or it can be granulated and mixed with virgin material to make new products.
NRG Environmentally friendly

NRG Greenboard contains a termite retardant (Bifenthrin) and NRG uses 62% more in their product than the minimum required.

NRG Greenboard

Reinforced render is applied to the NRG Greenboard substrate at approximately 4-8mm in thickness which allows qualified applicators to screed out imperfections and form a seam free level finish. NRG recommends render over NRG Greenboard should be specified by a coating manufacturer.