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FESTOOL MX1000 Stirrer 1020w


Compact, strong and reliable in application. Ideal for mixing paint, leveling compounds, filler and tile adhesive. Up to 40l.

• Up to 80mm height adjustment with the ErgoFix system
• Stable rubber edges protect against slipping and damage
• No material spray thanks to smooth start-up
• Robust gear unit and precision bearings extend service life
• FastFix quick change allows tool-free stirrer rod changes
• Left stirring rod

• MX 1000 Stirrer 1020W with HS 3 120×600 Left Stirring Rod

Main Applications
• Use with HS 2 rod – mix viscous material <40kg
• Use with HS 3 rod – mix compact/heavy material <40kg
• Use with WS 2 – mix paint <40kg
• Use with ProJet Uni – mix fluid material <40kg
• Use with stirring rods up to 120mm diameter