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As our letterboxes are pre-coated in a rendered finish, it eliminates the need for tradesmen that are required for normal ‘bricked up’ letterboxes. Poly-tek Letterboxes are designed to be quickly and easily installed in a D.I.Y. manner with full Installation Instructions provided with the product. Once the Letterbox is installed all you need to do is simply paint over with one of our exterior acrylic paints.

We recommend that the Letterbox is placed in a garden bed. In the instance of placement in lawn we suggest you surround the base of the box with feature stones or rocks or alternatively extend the concrete pad an additional 30mm around the base of the letterbox to effectively create a mower strip.

For best results, The Render Centre recommend using RSA Rapid Shield Matt to coat your letterbox. For more information see  RSA Rapid Shield Matt – TDS



See the guide attached on how to install your Daytek Clothesline.

Daytek Installation Guidelines