Masonry Render

MR Coarse (282x300)

RSA’s Masonry Renders are easy to apply, pre-bonded, polymer modified, cement based renders which require only the addition of clean water. They are suitable for interior/exterior use and can be applied by hand or machine. They are available in rapid, medium and slow setting versions to enable YOU TO CHOOSE THE SET TIME! There will always be on-site and climate variables which none of us can control. However, RSA have formulated a range of renders for all occasions giving you greater control of the application process across a range of situations. ... Read More »

Acrylic Render

Polysand 808 (186x250)

Acrylic render is a 100% pure acrylic based, sand or stone enhanced product designed for use over correctly installed and prepared FC sheeting, polystyrene building systems and where a FLEXIBLE, LONG LASTING FINISH is desired. Supplied in ready to use 15 litre pails, the advantages of acrylic render include: Read More »

EP Render

EP Render

EP Render is a pre-bonded (10% wet bond equivalent), polymer modified, cement based render which requires only the addition of clean water! EP Render is typically used as part of a REINFORCED, FLEXIBLE render system over RSA approved polystyrene substrates and AAC Hebel. Suitable for application by hand or machine, EP Render’s DUAL BINDING SYSTEM is suitable for use over ALL substrates, when applied in accordance with the most recent RSA written information. EP Render contains a unique powdered bonding agent (glue) to work with the binding power of cement ... Read More »


Rapid Shield

Rapid Shield Matt is a HIGH PERFORMANCE 100% pure acrylic exterior protective coating, suitable for both RSA Masonry Renders and Acrylic Textures. The matt sheen finish helps to mask irregularities on the finished texture and has the benefit of being SELF-PRIMING to greatly increase productivity. The advantages of using Rapid Shield Matt include: Paint Accessories Read More »

Warranted System

RSA Cropped

RSA offers a 7 Year Product Warranty provided: Click to download the System Specification Guidelines: Brick and Block Render Only Systems Render and Texture Systems Bling  NRG Greenboard Acrylic (Flexi) Render Bling Read More »